This war started by the time when Humans didn’t existed.

The war which was started by the Devil. For the desire of Power, The power which defines the term :


Desire that ruined a generation of a creation i,e. a group of JINNS.

SATAN : with better capability to serve the Almighty creator. The only mistake was his desire – the foundation of the pride formed inside him.

The pride which led him to deny the command of the ULTIMATE CREATOR.

Its origin was when a new creation got created, the Human race. The first human with every kind of feelings within to be tested by its desire to serve the one and only Creator.

a better race than the previous one, So look at this point “A BETTER RACE” , which leaded the jealousy inside the Satan.

Thus the denial of command led by the jealousy for the humans created a WAR between Satan and Humans.


Challenge for satan to make this human race to deny the commandments of God,

somehow after thousands or may be millions of years  , nobody knows how long it is.

History of human is full of wars, war for power, war of desire, some of the point I’m going show you .. Take a look

  • Human race who thinks we are not one race.


  • Division of race formed by satan’s whisper like discrimination of caste, colour, looks, wealth and the most dangerous one Religion.






Napoleon Hill quoted : ” War grows out of the desire of the individual to gain advantage at the expense of his fellow men.”

clearly shows that the individual is the leaders, who led war for their own desire, their own profit.





Another Quote by Alan Watts : War  between ourself and  ourselves.




  • So do you still agree that war within humans should take place,

So thats all for tonight.

In my next blog I will write about the division of Human race with so many different names.



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