What are you going to take with you?


I read a beautiful story on Facebook today.

Once upon a time there was a rich man who made his WILL for his only son.

He wanted his son to dress him a torn socks which he kept from a long time. He wanted to wear it in his last journey (Death)

After few years he died and his son was going to fulfill his last wish.

But the scholars and priest donot let him do that bcoz the last dress of a man is the Shroud.

After a long discussion for the last wish of his father. An old man came to him who was his neighbour, given him a letter from his father.

“I can’t even take a torn socks with me”

this is what was written on the letter with bold letters.

————- Story Ends here ———–

So what was the purpose to tell you all from this story. Hmm..

Death is obvious. You earn a lot you saves a lot but only thing you take with you to the grave is your good deeds.

So there is no purpose of making lots of wealth, having a business of million dollars. It doesnt count afterward.

I’m not saying you cannot enjoy your life but if you think that this worldly life is eternal then I’m sorry to say that you are wrong.

Only special kind of wealth you need to earn is GOOD DEEDS which is by helping others and sharing happiness with them. 🙂

Thanks for reading. ..

So that all for now.

“Take care ^^^ Good Night ^^^ Sleep Tight”


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