Its all starts with a married couple.👫

One day the husband came back from work. He was stressed , he relaxed a little. Now its time for dinner.🌯🍚🍛🍜

Dinner was good but the salt was too much. He became angry on his wife but he ate all and thanked the Almighty for the dinner.

Usually we use to shout or  shows our anger to our wife.. Lols I’m nt married bt I have seen such cases many time. Few time this anger leaad to war between the spouse. Not that war I wrote in my previous blog 😉

War here means fight of conversation. But It didnt happened between them.🚫

So why he didnt shouted at her or he could beat her out also. But he didnt.✔

Reason behind it is, He had a daughter and he didnt wanted his son-in-law to react like this when his daughter makes such mistakes.

Now we all need to think about it. A girl who left her parent who took care of her for more than 20 years. To marry and stay with you for her whole life, making many sacrifices and killing her dreams to be with you. But you dont value her though.

Is it Fair!!!!🤔🤔

Absolutely Not 🤐


If you want your daughter to be happy and respected in her married life then you have to make happy and give respect to her mother first because before you wife, she is a daughter of a father whose feelings and your feeling is same.❤
Thats all for now

Good Afternoon ^^^ Stay Blessed ^^^ and remember the Salt moment 😎


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