Lets start more than one blog in a day 😎

Smile has more than millions of definitions.

My question is did you smile today? 

And I need the answer to be in Yes 

When you’re down and hopeless

When you’re depressed or sad

The only thing which helps to overcome and release the hope of positivity is Smile.☺


Smile has no age. Its neither beautiful nor ugly but Smile is just smile which we cannot define with the looks.😍🤓

Smile because you still have teeth. But smile even more when they are gone 😁

Let start sharing because sharing leads to happiness and Who the freaking hell doesnt want be happy.. Are’nt you?🤔

Smile like that which makes your eyes cannot see anything.. almost closed ,, It will be healthy for your heart.❤


Now graphically I think I made you all smiling but I want to tell you something.

I have a Finger-Bomb.

A kind of bomb which doesnt explode usually but whenever it explodes it attacks the negativity of your mind.

Yes You! I’m talking about you- the readers

So let my finger bomb explode some more images to blow your mind and bleed it with a smile on you face. I will probably not say Lips but I will say smile with your face. Including every single part on your face as I have mentioned about Eyes smile with your eyes. 

Not only eyes but ever part of you.

Ummm….. Let continue

You need to eat something healthy to make your brain works perfectly, leaving the habbit of forgetting as the girl in this picture is talking about. 😘


Aah thats the key point , the smile you get from kids are far more purer than yours. They dont smile with their face but they smile with the whole body especially from their heart which makes it purer. 💖

One more pic 


Do you have thought in your mind that women smiles better than men. Ummm. I dont think so..


Hahaha.. there are mathematics in smile too.

Hence it is proved in the above picture. Well said by Phyllis Diller.


Your smile is your own property , Others dont have any right to rule on it. Sooo dont let your smile turns into frown because it doesnt worth to be.

Mother  Teresa , Truely an inspiring women who understood the mystery of life and started to serve the happiness to the needy.



Whenever any peice of paper which stops you from smiling.. Tear it apart or cut the context and write on it yourself. Thats life.


 So Smile is defined here with my point of view and thinking and with the images i got from the internet. And I hope you understood what my “Finger Bomb” wanted to explode into your mind.


Stay smiling because…

“And we need to admire the beautiful things.”

Thats all for now 

We will talk about some more smiling things next time.

“Good Afternoon ^^^ Stay Happy ^^^ Keep Smiling ” ☺☺


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  1. Hilda says:

    Cool post! Very improves mood. If to start every morning with a smile and the day will be excellent 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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